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Quality Management Systems

P&D Lydon assures all their clients that systems are in place to manage projects in an organised and professional manner from planning right through to handover. Each project is assessed in detail in advance, so that the company is confident that it is in a position to commit the resources appropriate to ensuring satisfactory delivery to the client.  
All suppliers and subcontractors are drawn from an approved list of suppliers with a proven track record of performance and reliability. Drawings and other contract documents are carefully registered and controlled, so that correct information is available to site at the earliest possible time, and revisions to client requirements are not overlooked.
Each contract, large or small, benefits from a uniquely produced Contract Plan.  This ensures that progress and quality are monitored in an appropriate way for that project, and corrective actions are identified and followed through where required.
P&D Lydon Ltd have recently gained the following accreditation for our Quality Management Systems:  ISO 9001:2015