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Irish Water Projects

Location  Various
Client Irish Water
Status Complete
Start Date October 2013
End Date  Ongoing
Value  Various

Description of the Works:

P&D Lydon have a strong and experienced skillbase of employees who have been employed on our projects on behalf of Irish Water and previoiusly on large scale water projects for Local Authorities and Group Water Scheme Committees.

Under our section Water/Waste Water Projects you will find many of our large scale water utility projects.

As well as the large scale water projects, we also undertake many emergency leak repair works on behalf of Irish Water in the west of Ireland. Our crews are available to respond to these emergency works at short notice as we have the labour, resources and expertiese inhouse to deal with these works quickly and efficiently.

In October 2013 we were subcontracted to one of the the regional contractors engaged by Irish Water to manage the National Meter Installation Programme. As a subcontractor we were  responsible for managing the deployment of suitable staff to meet the programme targets, as well as managing the installation of the meters themselves on behalf of the regional contractor.