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Regeneron 38 KV Ducting Installation Raheen

Location Raheen, Co Limerick
Client ESB Networks
Status Complete
Start Date May 2015
End Date July 2015
Value €280,000

Description of the Works:

P & D Lydon have successfully qualified to get on the ESB National Trenching & Ducting Framework 2015-2021.                                 

P & D Lydon are covering zones 1 and 2 which involves all ESB ducting works and Civils works up to 2km in Mayo, Galway, Athlone, Clare & Limerick

The Zimmer ESB Ducting Project involved the laying of 500m of 8 way 125mm ESB ducting through the Raheen Business Park, in Limerick City

Complex pedestrian and traffic management were designed and implemented on site by P & D Lydons own trained personnell.

Works included;

  • Excavation of Trench
  • Laying 8 way ESB Ducting and surrounding in Sand
  • Excavation around existing live services including ESB & Gas
  • Backfilling & Compaction of trench with CBM and Cl.804
  • Temporary & Permanent Reinstaement of Road & Footpath Surfacing
  • Proving of Ducts for ESB including pulling brush & mandrel via mechanical winch. This machine will give a print out giving the force required to pull the brush & mandrel.
  • Pulling Cables through the ducts for ESB Networks
  • Excavation of Joint Pits
  • Construction of reinforced concrete Substation Plints
  • Installation of Minipillars & Vaults
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