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Zimmer ESB Ducting Doughiska, Galway

Location Doughiska, Co Galway
Client ESB Networks
Engineer n/a
Status Complete
Start Date n/a
End Date n/a
Value €160,000

Description of the Works:

P & D Lydon have successfully qualified to get on the ESB National Tranching & Ducting Framework 2015-2017.

P & D Lyon are covering zones 1 and 2 which involves all ESB ducting works and Civils works up to 2km Mayo, Galway, Athlone, Clare & Limerick

The Zimmer ESB Ducting Project involved the laying of 800m of 125mm ESB ducting along the the busy urban area of Doughiska in Galway City

Complex pedestrian and traffic management were designed and implemented on site by P & D Lydons own trained personnell.

Works included:

  • Excavation of Trench
  • Laying ESB Ducting and surrounding in Sand
  • Excavation around existing live services including ESB & Gas
  • Backfilling & Compaction of trench with CBM and Cl.804
  • Temporary & Permanent Reinstaement of Road & Footpath Surfacing
  • Proving of Ducts for ESB including pulling brush & mandrel via mechanical winch. This machine will give a print out giving the force required to pull the brush & mandrel.
  • Pulling Cables through the ducts for ESB Networks
  • Excavation of Joint Pits
  • Construction of reinforced concrete Substation Plints
  • Installation of Minipillars & Vaults
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