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Roads & Infrastructure

P&D Lydon have for several years constructed high quality road projects for the NRA and local authorities, from new builds to that of realignments while still maintaining uninterrupted traffic flow based on innovative traffic management designs.

Whilst successfully completing these road projects P&D Lydon have had to excavate out over 500.000cm3  of subsoil and 300,000m3 of rock.

We have also had to install many precast culverts ranging from 900mm mammal crossings to 4.5m high, 1m to 40m long underpasses and more recently the installation of a 25m single span bridge over the River Arra.

We have also placed a high emphasis on our environmental policy while undertaking the works, endeavouring to recycle and reuse (where possible) the existing pavements as part of the new build those offering a more environmentally friendly solution, as well as a value engineering proposal to our clients.

The key to our continual success in roads and infrastructure is the use of our own specialist plant & key subcontractors.