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Inis Meain & Inis Oirr Road Works Contract 2014

Location Inis Meain & Inis Oirr
Client Galway County Council
Engineer n/a
Status Complete
Start Date 2014
End Date 2014
Value €1,200,000

Description of the Works:

The contract involved Repair to the road network on Inis Meáin and Inis Oirr Islands using quarry run rock material stockpiled on Inis Meáin. There are a number of

stockpiles in this field quantifing approximately at 6,000 Ton non-conforming rock, 3,000 Ton Rock Armour, 400 Ton Cl. 804 material & 200 Ton 3" down.

6,000 Tons of non-conforming rock was processed by crushing & grading to Cl.804 material.

This Cl.804 was transported and used to upgrade the road surface on both Islands. We shipped the Cl.804 to Inis Oirr from Inis Meain.

Rock armour (3,000 Tons) used on,

(a) costal protection at exposed roads (Transported & Placed)

(b) replacement boundary wall, (coastal periphery)

After the grading of Cl.804 to the road networks throughout both Islands a doble coat of surface dressing (Tar Spray & Chip) was applied.

Waste materials encountered (approx. 10ton scrap metals) was removed from site & disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner as agreed with officials from

Galway County Council.

The cleared field - Dara Beag's was re-instated in accordance with procedures as advised by Galway County Council.

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