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Inishbofin Coastal Protection Repair Works 2014

Location Inishbofin, Co Galway
Client Galway County Council
Engineer n/a
Status Complete
Start Date 2014
End Date 2014
Value €1,100,000

Description of the Works:

Repair & replacement of coastal protection structures along southern shore and east end pier on Inishbofin Island, Co. Galway.

There were a number site locations for works along the Southern Shore;

(a) Coastline at St. Colmans Church,

- Placement of rock armour shore side of existing roadway with a raking profile to the foreshore

The damaged road section and stone boundary field wall was reinstated.

(b) Area adjacent the New Pier

- Damaged stone gabion baskets (forming existing retaining system) replaced/repaired

- Undermined RC sill forming base for gabion system repaired, concrete packed & pressure grouted

- Undermined section of new pier slab was concrete infilled / pressure grouted

- Reinstate damaged road surface of approx at 240m sq.

(c) East of Stepped Concrete Retaining Wall at exposed non-rock cliff face. Area denoted 5 on site location map;

(e) Repeat (c) at site location 6B for further 50m infill between existing stepped concrete walls east and west of site. Retained height 6m.

(f) Repeat (c) at site denoted 6C between sound existing concrete retaining retaining structures. Approx length 15m retained ht 3m.

(h) Site 6H, @ helipad repeat detail (c) for 45m with 5m retention ht.

Works included the following;

- Construct coastal protection retaining wall system formed with bespoke large pre-cast concrete blocks dowelled and interlocked together to form a continuous inclined

- As the blocks are placed from formation the void behind shall be filled maximum to the top of the block (first block with clean crushed stone/hardcore incorporating a land

(d) Repeat (c) at site location denoted 6A - continue around the headland for a 35m length. The large pre-cast block wall retaining a height averaging 2m shall join the existing

Role: PSCS

(g) Repeat (c) west of concrete structure beyond site 6C through to site 6F a total length of 115m. At site 6D retained height is 6m for 10m length at wave eroded formed

cave, the fractured domed ceiling to the cave shall be control collapsed & levels made-up in backfill. Retained height

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