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Coonagh to Knockalisheen Distributor Road Advanced Works

Location Coonagh, Limerick City
Client Limerick City & County Council
Status Complete
Start Date Aug 2017
End Date July 2018
Value €8,500,000

Construction of approximately 300m of dual carriageway with 2 x 3.65m carriageway, 1 x 2.5m hard shoulder, footways, cycleways and verges and embankment construction works for a further 650m of future dual carriageway. Works were done at the entrance to the Coonagh Industrial Park and access to Tesco was maintained at all times. Works also included;

  • Site clearance of 33 Hectares including hedges, ditches and stone walls
  • 11km of Site Fencing including Timber Post & Rail, Timber Post & Wire & Palisade
  • The installation of in situ concrete retaining wall 250m long x 3.5m high x 0.35m width
  • carriageway surface water drainage including breaking out hard rock in trenches;
  • Installation of 250m of 1800mm diameter concrete surface water drainage piping and 4 Large Precast Concrete Culverts;
  • 4 No. Large Precast Concrete Culverts;
  • Excavation of Embankments on soft ground, excavation of peat and removal off site (130,000m3),
  • Import of 500,000m3 of fill material (6f2 capping and 6A material) to form new embankments
  • Specialist prefabricated vertical drains and surcharge;
  • Road pavements;
  • Kerbing, footway/cycleway construction;
  • Traffic signs and road markings;
  • Road lighting;
  • Diversion of utilities;
  • Diversion of electrical cables;
  • Provision of pedestrian/cyclist crossings at Coonagh Roundabout, Ennis Road;
  • Public lighting was installed;
  • The installation 1km of 300mm diameter foul drainage on Ennis Road; plus, ESB Ducting and telecoms ducting
  • Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) duties.

Works were carried out on the R445 at the Coonagh Roundabout with an AADT > 16,000 with a Speed Limit of 60 Kph. Traffic Management was designed, implemented and monitored throughout the works by P&D Lydon.

These works were carried out in the very busy urban area in Limerick City with a population of 104,952. Access to the local businesses were maintained at all times.       

P&D Lydon’s (PSCS) In house health and Safety Officer was responsible for the safety of all men on site during the works. This involved, regular site visits, site inspections, safety meetings, all the time safety development and continuous safety training for all staff on site

A Stage 2 & 3 Road Safety Audit was carried out on the Temporary Traffic Management that was designed, implemented and maintained by P&D Lydon.

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