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N60 Castlebar Balla Road Improvement Scheme at Lagnamuck

Location Balla, Co. Mayo
Client Mayo County Council
Status Complete
Start Date Jan 2019
End Date Jan 2020
Value €3,500,000

The N60 is a national secondary road linking Castlebar, County Mayo to Roscommon town. Works are carried out in the busy town of Balla in County Mayo. This development scheme comprises of 1.4km of on-line upgrade and improvement works with modifications to the vertical geometry, carriageway widening, footway provision and cycle facilities. Works also included;

  • Site clearance of 7 Hectares including hedges, ditches and stone walls
  • Earthworks - Bulk dig of approximately (40,000m3) and removal off site,
  • Import of 20,000m3 of fill material (6f2 capping and Cl.804 material)
  • Drainage – 2.9km of Carrier Drainage Piping (225mm – 600mm in diameter) along with Drainage Manholes from 1.2 – 2.5m in depth)
  • Drainage – 200m of 225mm Filter Drains
  • Drainage – 1970m of Narrow Filter drains
  • Installation of 45 No. precast concrete gullies and connections to main drainage pipeline
  • Installation of 23 No. precast concrete headwalls
  • Installation of 2 No. Precast Concrete Piped Culverts 35m in length and 1200mm in diameter at a depth of over 3m
  • Installation of 5 No. Petrol Interceptors
  • Construction of Attenuation Pond including Excavation & Disposal off material, Lining of pond with impermeable membrane 1750m2, Orifice outflow control device, Non return valves, shaping of pollution control area
  • 2.4km of Timber Post & Rail fencing
  • Installation of 14 No. Field Gates
  • 500m of Palisade Security Fencing
  • 400m of N2 W3 Safety Barrier with P1 & P4 Terminals
  • 50m of Pedestrian Guardrail
  • Installation of 2.6km of Combined Kerb and Drainage Kerbs
  • Construction of new Shared Footpath/Cycleway 4400m2
  • Tactile Paving Slabs
  • Base Course – 14,430m2 of AC 32 base 40/60 160mm thick
  • Binder Course – 14,430 of AC dense bin 40/60 55mm thick
  • Surface Course – Hot Rolled Asphalt 45mm thick HRA 30/14F 60 PSV
  • Diversion of services including laying new watermain and completing tie in to existing, diversion of ESB and Eircom services
  • Placing road studs
  • Road markings
  • Erecting road signs and installing and maintaining a Traffic Management System.
  • Landscaping

Works were carried out on the N60 with an AADT > 6000 with a Speed Limit of 100Kph. Traffic Management was designed, implemented and monitored throughout the works by P&D Lydon. Traffic Management was designed, implemented and monitored throughout the works by P&D Lydon.

P&D Lydon’s (PSCS) In house health and Safety Officer was responsible for the safety of all men on site during the works. This involved, regular site visits, site inspections, safety meetings, all the time safety development and continuous safety training for all staff on site

A Stage 2 & 3 Road Safety Audit was carried out on the Temporary Traffic Management that was designed, implemented and maintained by P&D Lydon.

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