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Lime and Aggregate Storage Unit

Location Bunratty, Co.Clare
Client Dennany Reidy Consulting Engineers
Status Complete
Value €300,000
Start July 2018
Finish Oct 2018
P&D Lydon were awarded the contract to build a large lime & aggregate storage unit on the floor of the existing Roadstone quarry in Bunratty, Co. Clare.

The project compromised of the following works:

o    Excavation and breakout of existing quarry floor for the design formation level

o    Construction of a reinforced concrete slab 600mm deep with designed construction and movement joints

o    Installation of a steel portal frame structure 10m high, cladding roof/wall, with reinforced concrete external walls 4.5m high and associated ground and site works

o    The floor area (150m2) was contructed in reinforced defined slabs with designed movement joints.

o    The steel portal frame structure was installed onto the cored slab wherein the reinforced concrete external walls were poured to provide stability and support to the portal frame

o    The building was then clab with roof and wall sheeting

o    Works were carried out in a large live quarry environment where care had to be given to all quarry plant.

P&D Lydon’s (PSCS) In house health and Safety Officer was responsible for the safety of all men on site during the works. This involved, regular site visits, site inspections, safety meetings, all the time safety development and continuous safety training for all staff on site.

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