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ESB Substation & IPPMV Switchroom

Location Tibohine Biopark, Ballaghdereen, Roscommon
Client Dennany Reidy Consulting Engineers
Status Complete
Value €150,000
Start Dec 2018
Finish Feb 2019
P&D Lydon were awarded the contract to build an ESB Substation and IPPMV Switchroom on the existing Biocore Site.

The project comprised of the following works;

  • Excavation and removal of very soft peat to a depth of 3m and fill the resulting void with imported stone.
  • The base/floor was poured as one individual pour with all ground floor duct channels shuttered and suspended in order to eliminate construction joints thereby eliminating weak points through with the high watertable could penetrate.
  • The main structure was constructed with high strength blockwork, galvanised propritory doors and a insitu reinforced concrete roof under a standard cut roof construction.
  • Site finished included pavement, paths and 1000m of ESB Ducting and permanent reinstatement including landscaping.
P&D Lydon’s (PSCS) In house health and Safety Officer was responsible for the safety of all men on site during the works. This involved, regular site visits, site inspections, safety meetings, all the time safety development and continuous safety training for all staff on site.
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