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Oran Ballintober GWS

Location Oran & Ballintober, Co. Roscommon
Client Roscommon County Council
Status Complete
Value €3.5 million

Description of the Works:

Construction of 30km of-1km of 125mm-14km of 160mm and 15km of 250mm PE 100 pipe work in roads- Construction methods Including both directional drilling and open cut methods, trench reinstatement and processing all potentially contaminated cold tar material in existing road surfacing Drainage.

  • For 125mm pipe - 750m directional drilled and 250mm open cut
  • For the 160mm pipe - 5km of pipe was directional drilled and 9km open trench
  • For the 250mm - 7km of pipe was directional drilled and 8 km was open trench construction

Works required interaction with AC Water main

Sections were carried out on the N60 with an AADT > 15,000.Total Works were carried out under the traffic management plan designed by P&D Lydon internal Traffic Management Team

These works were potable water mains with all households and businesses kept with a constant water supply

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