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Galway GWS Bundle No.2

Location Gort, Co. Galway
Client Galway County Council
Engineer Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers
Status Complete
Start Date February 2010
End Date March 2011
Value €5,000,000

Description of the Works:

The contract titled Galway Group Water Scheme DBO Bundle Advanced Works Contract is designed to provide for gravity mains supply of water to the local communities of  Abbey Kylemore, Ballyaneen, Rakerin, Kiltiernan, Lydacan, Peterswell and Castle Daly.                                                               

(a) Construction of HPPE water mains as follows;                                                             

  • 225mm external diameter- 5692m-3000M –Directional Drilling – 2692- Open Cut                               
  • 200mm external diameter - 2512m- 1500 Directional Drilling – 1012m of Open cut                             
  • 160mm external diameter-11476m- 9000m Directional Drilling – 2476 of Open Cut                            
  • 125mm external diameter - 4647m – 2000m Directional Drilling – 2647 of Open Cut                          
  • 100mm external diameter - 7611m – 4000m Directional Drilling – 3611 of Open Cut                          
  • 90mm external diameter - 5369 m – 2500m of Directional Drilling -2869 of Open Cut                        
  • 63mm external diameter -1000m – 1000m of Directional Drilling                                                                
  • All house/consumer connections through out the works with approximately 800 being carried out by horizontal Directional Drilling.                                                                
  • Sections of the works were carried out on the Main Gort to Limerick Road the N18 with a greater than > 14,000 AADT                                                    
  • Works required interaction with AC Watermains                                                              

These works were potable watermains with all house holds and businesses kept with a constant water suppy                                                                                                      


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