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Loughill Watermain Pipeline

Location Croom, Carrigean
Client Irish Water
Engineer PD Lydon
Status Complete
Start Date N/a
End Date N/a
Value €1,000,000

Description of the Works:

Site investigation works along the pipeline routes to undertake investigation and tracing of all existing underground utilities and service pipes in advance of the pipeline construction, 70 no. slit trenches.

The installation of approximately 3,900m of 125mm O.D. PE watermain to BS EN 12201-2:2011, SDR 17, 10 Bar, associated valves/connections and all required ancillary works to connect the existing Loughill Reservoir to the Shannon Estuary Supply Scheme.

The decommissioning of an existing borehole and WTP.

The removal of approximately 6,000m of 50mm hydrodare watermain and the installation of approximately 6,000m of 125mm O.D. PE watermain to BS EN 12201-2:2011, SDR 17, 10 Bar, associated valves/connections, provision of new individual service connections to properties located along the route of the new mains and all required ancillary works.

All works to be in accordance with both the Irish Water – Water Pipeline Specification (Doc. Nr. IW-TEC-1000-01) and the Standard Details (IW STD W01_W33) included as separate documents.

Full certified testing and commissioning of the new watermain was carried out following completion of the works.

Construction of new chambers for all associated valves and meters etc.

Crossing existing live services, including watermains, electricity and telecommunications ducts.

The design and installation of Traffic Management Plan for all stages of the works having regard to the current Guidelines for the Control and Management of Traffic at Road Works.

Both open cut and directionall drilling techniques were used to install the new section of pipeline

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