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P&D Lydon have successfully carried out several road construction projects on behalf of local authorities, TII and private clients.


P&D Lydon have undertaken numerous bridge construction projects ranging from construction of new one-off bridge structures, rehabilitation of old existing/heritage bridges.


P&D Lydon have successfully completed numerous projects in very busy urban environments. The works included urban regeneration and streetscape works which involved intensive traffic and pedestrian management while still maintaining un-interrupted access for all business customers and deliveries.


In our short history of completing building projects, we have successfully completed multi-disciplinary schemes from commercial/industrial projects to one-off small dwelling units. The building works have all been carried out to the highest standards set in the industry and have been completed in accordance with the new regulations and BCARS standards.


Our highly skilled employees have performed an extensive range of Marine and Offshore projects. The works successfully completed include pier reconstruction and extension, precast concrete sea wall (>10m high) construction, erosion control and defence work, break-water defences, new pier slips and floating pontoon construction.

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