Cork Kerry Clare Bridge Rehabilitation Project

  • Client: Cork, Kerry & Clare Counties
  • Location: Cork, Kerry & Clare County Councils

About this Project

These projects included bridge widening to existing masonry bridges, maintenance and repairs to over bridges and extensive works to bridges in terms of waterproofing, parapet widening, new parapet railings, safety barriers and road resurfacing. 

In all works were carried out on 18 bridges along the National Primary Roads of Counties Clare, Kerry, and Cork. 

In all cases we were required to maintain traffic and pedestrian movement and for this reason an under-bridge unit was deployed to carry out all works on arch barrels, abutments, central piers, and parapets

Works were undertaken in and around watercourses and environmentally sensitive locations. Working in conjunction with third party requirements such as Inland Fisheries Ireland and National Parks and Wildlife Services.

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